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Precinct Changes & Caucus Announcement

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hello friends! The most recent census actually has Windsor Heights over 5,000

people and the city has submitted a change in our precincts. There are no longer three precincts there are now two.

So, where are you?

If you live in Windsor Heights and you are in the Des Moines School District you are in Precinct Two. If you live in the West Des Moines School District you are in Precinct One. It's a bit confusing because we've "flipped" those numbers. Once we find a map we hope to publish it for you.

The Off Year Caucus

It's that time of year again and we're fired up for our 2022 Democratic Caucus. The date for the Caucus is Monday, February 7. We will be at the Clive Learning Academy on 73rd Street in Windsor Heights. And, a new twist...we'll be joined by the Clive Democrats!! So, yes, both Clive and Windsor Heights will be together. Clive has four precincts to our two.

The Off Year Caucus is important because it's our opportunity to get to know our neighbors as well as select people to serve on the Polk County Central Committee and build a leadership base. We're planning some special things this year so stay tuned!

We'll be posting more information in our EVENTS section of the website.

Thank you for all you do....and let's keep Windsor Heights BLUE!

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