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Mighty Blue in Windsor Heights!

The city and school board elections are behind us and Windsor Heights elected

Democrats up and down the ballot. You are sending Mike Jones to the City Council as our new mayor. A passionate progressive Mike has some great plans for our community.

In addition Democrats swept the City Council. You reelected Joseph Jones for another term. Joseph is a seasoned professional in public policy and is the Executive Director of The Harkin Institute located on the campus of Drake University.

You also elected Lauren Campbell to a first term. Lauren, a small business owner, has been a tireless volunteer on a number of projects. Sending her to the City Council is a positive and important step in getting things done.

Also elected with a stunning number of write-in votes is small business owner, broadcaster and community activist Michael Libbie. Michael has served as the chair of the Windsor Heights Democrats and sits on the Polk County Democratic Central Committee.

Windsor Heights has students in the Des Moines Public School District as well as the West Des Moines Public School District. Again, it was a sweep of all Democrats in all races.

You reelected incumbent Kim Martorano to the District 1 seat for the Des Moines Public Schools.

You also elected three first time candidates for the West Des Moines School Board. Leading the vote total was Lila Starr who we know as the Chair of the Clive Democrats and a regular at our Windsor Heights meetings. You also elected Anadelia Morgan, and Fannette Elliott. There were seven candidates and you helped elect all three Democrats.

Thank you for what you did on election night and we would love for you to join us for our Monthly Meeting which happens the final Tuesday of each Month at via Zoom.

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