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Clive & Windsor Heights Joint Meeting

Recently we tried something...different. The Clive Democrats had a scheduling conflict for their regular meeting date and contacted us to see if we might hold a joint meeting on our regular date, which is the final Tuesday of each month. Of course we said..."YES!".

It was a resounding success!

It was also appreciated by our elected officials who showed and had the opportunity to visit with BOTH groups at the same time and a larger audience. On hand to share stories both positive and negative and to help offer some inspiration for action were, State Senator Claire Celsi, Polk County Supervisor Matt McCoy, Windsor Heights Mayor Mike Jones, Clive City Councilor Srikant Mikkilineni, Windsor Heights City Councilor Lauren Campbell, Windsor Heights City Councilor Michael Libbie, and Clive School Board Member Lila Starr.

Our primary speaker was Kay Mackie (Here with super volunteer DJ.)who shared how each and every Democrat can take action and get involved in "Storm". This is a grassroots group who connects with legislators by phone, text and showing up at the Capital to offer support or opposition to various legislative attempts push Iowa into an fascist state where all control is taken away from the people and placed in the hands of the government. There are some awful things going on and this group is there to make a difference and to show support for democracy. Best news is that YOU can get involved and be active in whatever level you feel comfortable with. Call Kay at 515-450-3536 to learn more and get started. We have much to do!

So, why "Storm" and where does that come from? Kay tells us that it's from the cover of a notebook by Hippie Gift Woman that says, "They whispered to her you can't stand the storm; she whispered back, I am the storm." WOW...

Thank you for all you do. Should you need to reach out you can call 515-570-2220 or

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